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I am an experienced counsellor and psychotherapist, offering sincerity, respect and a commitment to assist you whatever difficulties you are now facing or have encountered in the past.   Whether you have previous experience of therapy or are considering this for the first time, I provide an opportunity for you to look at things in new ways and to develop alternative ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.  

I offer therapy in a safe and caring environment, located in Lancaster or via secure online video.  

My role as a therapist is to facilitate your process of empowerment and growth, using my training and experience to help you achieve your goals.  You will receive my kindness and support throughout that journey, as you explore, understand and change your experience of anything that is causing you difficulty or distress.

Our therapeutic work together starts with one or more meetings in which we would explore the reasons or experiences that have led you to contact me, fee levels, how often and when to meet, and how best I can support and assist you.

I currently offer therapy only to individuals (not couples) aged 16 or over.

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Anything you share with me, from the first phone call through to the last therapy session, is held confidentially and securely.

Whether the difficulties you are facing have been a long-standing part of your life experience or caused by recent circumstances or events, you can contact me to begin our process of working together.

phone/text:07732 048236                                       email:

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