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A client-centred approach

My work with clients is centred upon therapeutic relationships built on empathy, honesty and respect.  You will encounter a supportive, safe environment in which you feel understood and empowered to make the changes that are right for you.

I believe that you and your circumstances are unique, and that mental health labels and diagnoses do not provide adequate descriptions of our experiences.  I will be alongside you as you explore and work through difficulties or choices, creating between us an environment for growth and empowerment.

I commit to being real, open and engaged as an active participant in the therapeutic work.  You may be invited to experience and clarify your emotions, to identify past events or relationships that influence you now, or to consider where you find meaning in your life, but you will remain in control of each session.


How many sessions are needed?

Some find that therapy is helpful within just a few sessions, whilst others attend for much longer.


Therapeutic goals are an important element of therapy and I will invite you to consider what you hope to change or achieve.  I would suggest that we review those goals and reflect on how therapy is working for you after 6-8 sessions.

How long, how often and when?

I usually meet with clients for one-hour sessions, once each week, but we can discuss whether an alternative approach would better suit your needs or circumstances.

Appointment times fall between 8am and 8pm, Monday to Friday.


How much does therapy cost?

Before starting therapy, I would like us to meet to explore whether therapy may be of help to you and to discuss any questions or concerns.  My fee for this initial meeting is £25 and my normal fee for subsequent sessions is £50, with some flexibility to agree reduced fees if therapy would otherwise be unaffordable.


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